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Rating dating game

Because the bands are swappable, you can play with different colors in both leather (black or white; .99) and silicone (black, white, slate, red, blue, berry, or purple; .99).The silicone bands are contoured on the inner edge, which makes them a little more breathable than if they had a smooth surface.Between all those functions, plus checking the weather on the watch frequently and asking it to locate my phone, I was downright amazed, come Monday morning, when the Garmin Vivoactive still had 40 percent of its battery power remaining. I could nitpick that it doesn't have an optical heart rate monitor (HRM), like the Fitbit Surge and the Basis Peak, our Editors' Choices.But at least you can pair it with a compatible chest strap HRM if you really want heart rate.You can set a highlight color for the Vivoactive so that the hour shows up in, say, pink or light green, while the minutes display in white.Want to reverse the display so it's black on white? Setting the alarm, which vibrates and rings, was easy enough for me to figure out through intuition, as was enabling activity-tracking when I was ready to record a run or walk.On Tuesday, the first day I set up my Garmin Vivoactive (9), I assumed I'd be recharging it come Friday afternoon.I had plans for this mighty little wristwatch activity tracker, after all.

If you don't see it on your device right away, sync your device," just above a pop-up reading, "Sync failed." Vibration is one feature of smartwatches that I really love.If you're a runner, cyclist, or golfer looking for a smartwatch that works for your activity, as well as counts your steps and has a ton of features, you may very well prefer this smartwatch-sportwatch hybrid to other brands of activity trackers.Specs and Design The Garmin Vivoactive is so lightweight and its screen is so sharp that the first time I picked it up, I thought it was a dummy prototype with a sticker instead of a working color touch screen.I would use its built-in GPS to record outdoor runs, let it monitor my tossing and turning each night while I slept, and feel its vibrations every time it received a notification from my smartphone.It also vibrated every so often to remind me to move.

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